Apply-to-Perform Use Cases

Treasury's Office of Financial Innovation and Transformation (FIT) is the Line of Business (LoB) Managing Partner for the Federal Financial Management (FFM) area. FIT has developed a library of FFM Business Use Cases which reflect the business needs of the financial management community.  The library consists of the Federal Financial Management Business Use Case Library Overview, that provides the framework for understanding and using the business use cases, and a series of documents containing the business use cases organized within end-to-end-business processes.

This document contains the FFM business use cases associated with the Apply-to-Perform Business Process and should be used in conjunction with the Federal Financial Management Business Use Case Library Overview.

Grant with Accural and Offset
A grant award recipient was overpaid by a federal agency, and a new grant from the same program is awarded with a partial offset to cover previous overpayment.
Administrative Grant Closeout
A grant award recipient has not provided an expected reporting and invoicing, and is determined to be no longer operating so and the award is administratively closed.