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Bulletin No. 2023-10

Expiration Date: November 16, 2023

To: Heads of Government Departments, Entities, and Others Concerned

Subject: Removal of G-Invoicing “In-Flight” Orders (IFO) Mandate

1. Purpose

This bulletin provides entities with the updated guidance related to Intra-governmental Payment and Collections (IPAC) and G-Invoicing. This bulletin removes the G-Invoicing “In-Flight” Orders Mandate. 

2. Authority

Department of the Treasury requires federal entities to use G-Invoicing under the authority of 31 U.S.C. § 3512(b) (Executive Agency Accounting and Other Financial Management Reports and Plans) and 31 U.S.C. § 3513 (Financial Reporting and Accounting System).

3. Background

Fiscal Service established a mandate in the Treasury Financial Manual (TFM), Volume I, Chapter 4700 for the use of G-Invoicing to facilitate IGT Buy/Sell transactions. It required federal entities to implement G-Invoicing for New Orders by October 1, 2022. Also with the mandate, federal entities were required to implement G-Invoicing for “In-Flight” Orders by October 1, 2023. To support the G-Invoicing mandate, Fiscal Service adopted a multi-year phased approach to implement system controls in the IPAC system. IPAC facilitates the fund settlement stage of the transaction lifecycle and will require federal entities to categorize the type of IGT transactions initiated directly through IPAC. 

4. Removal of “In-Flight” Orders (IFO) Mandate

“In-Flight” Orders, as defined in the TFM, includes the conversion of Orders with an open balance and a Period of Performance extending beyond September 30, 2023. The mandated implementation deadline for “In-Flight” Orders was October 1, 2023. 

The mandated implementation deadline of October 1, 2023, for “In-Flight” Orders is being removed. Previously, a timeline of October 1, 2025, for the use of “Buy/Sell” as a valid Transaction Sub-Category data element in IPAC was established. As of October 2025, the domain value of “Buy/Sell” will be removed as a valid option, and all Buy/Sell activity must be transacted through G-Invoicing at that point. 

5. References

For additional details, please refer to Fiscal Service’s G-Invoicing website and the G-Invoicing Program Guide.

6. Effective Date

This bulletin is effective immediately. 

7. Inquiries

Direct questions concerning this bulletin to (email is preferred over a mailed request):

Department of the Treasury
Bureau of the Fiscal Service
General Ledger & Intragovernmental Transaction Division
Email: IGT@fiscal.treasury.gov