U.S. Standard General Ledger
Includes Part 1 and Part 2 Fiscal Year as well as a summary of the latest changes
On-Demand Video Training
Compiled training given by financial management professionals for financial management professionals
Use Case Scenarios
Examples of how federal agencies are to carry out specific financial management processes
User-centric Financial Guidance for the Digital Age
The New Treasury Financial Experience (TFX) presents the information from the TFM and other Treasury FM guidance in a more organized way, according to user needs, including:
  • Task-based navigation to more easily find what you need
  • Robust search capabilities with relevant, related information
  • Federal FM Activities and Use Cases for real-world situations
  • Plain language guidance that’s easier to understand
  • Feedback mechanisms for continuous improvement based on user needs
Treasury Financial Experience

Financial Management Standards

Working with partner agencies, the Financial Innovation & Transformation (FIT) team has developed many resources to help agencies improve how they manage federal finances. These include:

  • Business Use Cases based on end-to-end business processes
  • Functions & Activities of what agencies do in financial management
  • FFM System Requirements focused on business outcomes
  • Standard Data Elements needed to support the inputs and outputs in the use cases

What's New on TFX

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The Word is Out

Fiscal Service expands content on TFX

AGA Eye on the Future
AGA Eye on the Future

Digitizing Financial Management for what’s to come.

TFX Interactive Demo
TFX Interactive Demo

See the workshop from the GFMCLive event.

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TFX Press Release

Fiscal Service announces launch of TFX

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NextGov Article

TFX provides one-stop shop for financial management guidance