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Introducing the FM Marketplace to the TFX Platform

The Financial Management (FM) Marketplace is now part of the TFX Platform! The FM Marketplace includes the Catalog of standards-based financial management solutions and services from trusted providers, and other value-added resources and information for federal and industry stakeholders.

Explore the new and existing content using the updated menu!


FM Marketplace
Find commercial vendors, federal shared service providers, and Bureau products and services
On-Demand Video Training
Compiled training given by financial management professionals for financial management professionals
TFM Classic
In addition to topical views, a traditional version of the TFM for those who prefer to navigate by Volume and Chapter
User-centric Financial Guidance for the Digital Age

The New Treasury Financial Experience (TFX) presents the information from the TFM and other Treasury FM guidance in a more organized way, according to user needs, including:

  • Task-based navigation to more easily find what you need
  • Robust search capabilities with relevant, related information
  • Federal FM Activities and Use Cases for real-world situations
  • Plain language guidance that’s easier to understand
  • Feedback mechanisms for continuous improvement based on user needs
Treasury Financial Experience

What's New on TFX

Two laptops showing TFM migration to TFX.
The Five Ws of the Treasury Financial Manual (TFM) Migration to TFX

Learn the who, what, where, when, and why for TFM’s migration to TFX! 

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TFM Has Migrated to TFX!

New resources are available on TFM's migration to TFX!

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FM Standards Updated!

View recent updates to federal financial management standards on TFX.

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TFX Updates Complete!

Enhanced Topical views for Treasury Financial Manual (TFM) Volumes II-IV now available!

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TFX Is Back in Business!

The Bureau of the Fiscal Service is proud to announce the next phase of TFX.