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Operational Accounting

Operational Accounting policies instruct federal entities on how to properly manage their central accounting and reporting activities. Guidance is provided in three key areas required to provide timely, reliable, and transparent financial information. These requirements address the format, information, and submission processes necessary to fulfill central accounting and reporting obligations to the federal government.

In FY2020, the Bureau of Fiscal Service accounted for and reported the $26.9 trillion in public debt. Specifically, the Bureau provided forecasting and reporting services for federal entities through the Daily Treasury Statement. Additionally, Fiscal Service prepared budgetary results through the Monthly Treasury Statement.

Agency & Account Establishment

These activities support new federal entities with startup procedures such as setting up new accounts and obtaining access to Treasury systems.

Cash Forecasting

These activities guide federal entities with cash forecasting requirements critical to maintain accurate and up to date cashflow projections, and to manage Treasury’s daily operating cash balances.

Transactional Reporting

These activities provide federal entities with requirements for transactional reporting ranging from warrants and NET transactions to borrowing and investing transactions.

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