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The Treasury Financial Manual (TFM) is the Department of the Treasury’s official publication of policies, procedures, and instructions concerning financial management in the federal government. It is intended to promote the government’s financial integrity and operational efficiency. The TFM includes four volumes. Each volume covers a specific subject and provides information for a particular audience. When applicable changes occur in procedures, policies, or legislation, subject matter experts act at the Department of Treasury, Bureau of the Fiscal Service (Fiscal Service) take the appropriate actions to incorporate them into the TFM.

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Volume I: Federal Agencies

Instructs and guides the federal government's departments, agencies, and other concerned parties, in areas of central accounting and reporting; receivable and delinquent debt management; disbursing; payment-related activities within the authority granted to the U.S. Chief Disbursing Officer (CDO); deposit regulations; deposits to the Treasury's General Account; and other fiscal matters.

Volume II: Federal Reserve Banks and Branches

Instructs and guides Federal Reserve Banks (FRBs) and their branches in areas of deposits and charges to Treasury's General Account; reporting requirements for Treasury's General Account; accounting and reporting for gold certificates; issuing Treasury checks by FRBs; and other fiscal agency matters

Volume III: Depositaries and Financial Agents of the Government

Instructs and guides financial institutions designated by Treasury to act as depositaries and financial agents of the government in the areas of domestic depositaries and financial agents; depositaries and financial agents in foreign countries, U.S. Territories, or insular possessions (overseas depositaries); and other fiscal matters.

Volume IV: Other Concerned Parties

Provides procedural instructions to other concerned parties aside from federal departments and agencies, Federal Reserve Banks acting as depositaries, and fiscal agents of the United States, and financial institutions acting as depositaries and financial agents of the government, consistent with authority in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), or other authority.


TFM Bulletins provide notice of immediately effective changes to instructions of requirements that are intended to be codified later into a TFM chapter. They are numbered sequentially by the fiscal year of issue. Each bulletin includes an inquiry section that provides the address and telephone number of the office that users should contact for questions about the bulletin. In most cases, bulletins are published with retention dates of no more than one year.


TFM Supplements are extensions of the TFM and include detailed instructions, worksheets, and guidelines for financial reporting and accounting procedures. They provide a reference for specific subject matter and content tables and graphics to illustrate specific data. Supplements cover such areas as cash management, credit administration, and the United States General Ledger.

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