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  • In April 2019, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued Memorandum 19-16, Centralized Mission Support Capabilities for the Federal Government, which described a new approach to shared services and established a process for designating agencies as Quality Service Management Offices (QSMOs).
  • The agency QSMOs are to offer solutions for federal agencies that, over time, will standardize processes, shrink the technology footprint, and cut government-wide operating costs.
  • OMB designated the U.S. Department of the Treasury (Treasury) as the QSMO for core financial management (FM QSMO) in June 2020.
  • FM QSMO work with federal agencies and industry stakeholders led to several notable accomplishments, including the launch of the FM QSMO Marketplace:
    • The Financial Management Capability Framework (FMCF), a financial management standards-based foundation for solutions and services in the Marketplace, was first released in April 2022 and updated in November 2022.
    • In May 2022, the General Services Administration (GSA), in partnership with Treasury, established a new Special Item Number (SIN) under the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract vehicles to provide access to commercial information technology offerings of the FM QSMO Marketplace.
    • The FM QSMO onboarded the first commercial vendor in November 2022, joining the federal shared service providers in the Marketplace who continue to expand services to federal agencies.
  • In December 2022, the FM QSMO launched the Marketplace Catalog, —an online storefront and resource for agencies to explore, identify, research and get solutions and services that will help meet financial management needs.


We are working to standardize and streamline what is common and give agencies the flexibility to invest where they need to support unique mission-oriented business needs. We will do this by:

  • Offering and managing a marketplace of high-performing and cost-effective solutions to respond to agency needs;
  • Partnering with agencies to determine strategies and solutions that will help them reach agreed-on government-wide goals;
  • Guiding and governing the long-term sustainability of core financial management services and solutions;
  • Instituting a customer and provider engagement and feedback model that allows for continuous improvement and performance management of solutions; and
  • Working with customers and providers to adopt standards and comply with regulation and policy.

Our Approach

We serve as a broker between federal agencies and providers in the Marketplace to support financial system modernization planning, provide consultative advice, and help with using the Marketplace. We manage the Marketplace using a governance structure that follows a four-stage approach:

  • Using established standards,
  • Engaging in customer-centered solution management,
  • Promoting its Marketplace through agile adoption; and
  • Measuring performance of all FM QSMO activities.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Focus on customer experience
  • Maximize the strategic value of data
  • Deliver progress using agile processes

The FM QSMO is working to:

  • Standardize processes and data
  • Reduce operation and maintenance costs
  • Modernize and automate processes
  • Improve customer satisfaction

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Last modified 12/13/23