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Financial Management Quality Service Management Office (FM QSMO)

What is the FM QSMO?

The FM QSMO is a Treasury initiative that offers a new approach to shared services and federal financial management by establishing a marketplace of systems and services that will drive innovation, compliance with federal policies, standardization, and automation. The initiative is a key part of reaching goals under Treasury’s 10-year Vision for the Future of Federal Financial Management.

FM QSMO Marketplace

The FM QSMO Marketplace is home to resources for federal agencies and industry. Our website includes a customer toolkit of helpful information for federal agencies looking to modernize, the Financial Management Capability Framework (FMCF) standards and capabilities for Marketplace solutions and services, guidance for vendor onboarding, and the Marketplace Catalog.

The Marketplace Catalog is a resource for agencies to explore, identify, and research financial management solutions and services offered by commercial and federal providers, and the Department of the Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service. The Marketplace Catalog will expand over time to include additional offerings to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of agency financial management programs.

Provider Group

We welcome engagement from agencies and industry and encourage our stakeholders to continue partnering with us to ensure the Marketplace meets current needs and supports long-term planning.

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Last modified 01/02/24