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TFX Updates Complete!

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The Bureau of the Fiscal Service is excited to announce that TFX has finished reorganizing the Treasury Financial Manual (TFM) Volumes II-IV content on the TFX website.

The topical views across the top navigation menu on TFX are updated to include two new topics to enhance the organization of TFM Volumes II-IV content.

Users can now access the TFX website as the one-stop shop for all TFM Volumes I-IV chapters through the topical and classic views.

TFX updates finished:

  • The reorganizing of TFM Volumes II-IV into the topical views.
  • A new topical view for Federal Reserve Bank Reporting in topical views for Disbursing and Payment Reporting.
  • A new topical view for Federal Reserve Bank Procedures in topical views for Collections and Revenue Collections.

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