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Accenture Federal Services, LLC

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FM QSMO Marketplace Offerings:
More details on the vendor offerings below are available in the Document FM Solution/Service Definitions (1.68 MB)
FM Adoption and Transition Services
  • Strategic Assessment and Planning Support

    Strategic assessment and advisory services related to agency financial management operations and modernization, including support for alternatives analysis, solution selection, and business case development.

  • Organizational Change Management Support

    Support to help agencies manage the organizational transition to new financial management capabilities and solutions, including stakeholder engagement, organization design, communications, and end user training.

FM Technology Operations Support Services
  • Core Financial System Implementation Services

    Services to help agencies implement and migrate to Core FS solutions, including project management, business process design, software/SaaS configuration and tailoring, integration design/development, data conversion and migration, analytics/reporting development, and FM solution/service testing.

  • Financial System Operations and Maintenance Support

    Support to operate and maintain agency financial systems, including application and infrastructure O&M (on premise or cloud), service desk, ongoing enhancement and integration services, and continuous innovation adoption (e.g., advanced analytics, automation, artificial intelligence (AI)).


Last modified 05/31/24