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Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.

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FM QSMO Marketplace Offerings:
More details on the vendor offerings below are available in the Document FM Solution/Service Definitions (1.25 MB)
Additional FM Solutions
  • Financial Management Support Services

    Strategic advisory and operational support for the management of financial management assets and associated processes throughout the modernization lifecycle. Services may include expertise across all associated FFM functions to support agencies in meeting compliance mandates, creating efficiencies, and modernizing solutions. Support can meet varying agency needs based on where they are in the modernization journey and provide a tailored path forward informed by experience helping agencies across the federal government solve their toughest questions. Modern, customer-centric approaches are provided by offering a structured, multifaceted and iterative engagement working with stakeholders to ensure enhancements meet or exceed the needs of the agency and customers.

FM Adoption and Transition Services
  • Adoption, Transition, and Change Management Services

    Advisory and operational support for agencies as they assess requirements, select a future technical solution, augment operational support, prepare for modernization or migrate fully to a new financial system provider. Services may include full lifecycle support from helping agencies augment current operations to gain efficiencies, the transition of financial management legacy data and supporting processes. Services can support agencies in identifying gaps, completing business cases, augmenting operations, driving transition and helping to ensure adoption of new solutions through effective change management. Support is IT solution agnostic and can support operations for any platform to maintain continuity during transition.

FM Technology Operations Support Services
  • Financial Management IT Operations Support

    Technical and advisory support for agencies to operate, maintain, implement changes or modernize federal financial management systems. Support can be provided for various solutions and platforms and meet agencies where they are on their modernization/transformation journey to address their most critical priorities. Support may include agency core financial system infrastructure, federal financials functional support, federal financials interfaces to support integration with external systems, operations and maintenance, legacy software license maintenance, federal financials business process support, training, and service desk.


Last modified 05/31/24