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Carahsoft Technology Corp.

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FM QSMO Marketplace Offerings:
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Additional FM Solutions
  • Workiva Platform - Solutions and Services in Support of the U.S. Federal Government (FedRAMP Authorized)

    The Workiva platform provides solutions and services supporting agency financial, governance, risk and compliance reporting needs. Workiva is a fit-for-purpose, connected reporting and compliance platform that enables agencies to streamline processes, connect data and teams, and ensure consistency - all within a controlled, secure, audit-ready, cloud platform. Workiva enables or supports several FFM functions/activities, including: Budget Setup and Maintenance; Budgetary, Financial Asset Information, Payment, Revenue, Public Receivable and Collection, Intragovernmental Receivable, Delinquent Debt, and Cost Reporting; General Ledger Setup and Maintenance; Financial Reconciliation; and Financial/Performance Reporting. Workiva also supports agencies with Risk Management, Controls Management, Compliance, and Audit Readiness and Management.


Last modified 05/31/24