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FM QSMO Marketplace Offerings:
More details on the vendor offerings below are available in the Document FM Solution/Service Definitions (1.13 MB)
Additional FM Solutions
  • CFO Control Tower - Financial Management and Analytics (FM&A)

    A scalable, on-demand, and integrated SaaS-based solution that enhances U.S. Federal Government financial systems. It provides effective and timely management and reporting for financial execution. It applies pre-built components, e.g., a data model, Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) tools, dashboards, and reports and consolidates data from disparate financial systems to rapidly produce reports, alerts, and analytics.

  • CFO Control Tower - Budget and Spend (BAS)

    A SaaS-based solution that can be used as a platform for budget formulation and execution, creation and management of spending plans, position planning and management, and executive dashboarding.

FM Adoption and Transition Services
  • FM Organizational Change Management

    Transition and advisory services to manage organizational change impacts to people, processes, and technology.

FM Technology Operations Support Services
  • FM System Advisory, Operations, and Maintenance (O&M) Support

    Support services to sustain and enhance agency financial management systems including maintenance cycles and continuous improvement to support changes and ongoing requirements.


Last modified 05/31/24