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Interior Business Center (IBC)

Financial Management Systems Platform

Financial applications used to provide hosting, processing, and reporting services
  • Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.12 
  • Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) Version 2023 

Integrations with other government-wide systems
  • System for Award Management (SAM)
  • Credit Card Interface – Citi Bank / US Bank
  • Invoice Processing Platform (IPP)
  • Do Not Pay (DNP)
  • Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS)
  • ConcurGov/E2
  • Payroll Interfaces: IBC/NFC
  • Intra-governmental Payment and Collection (IPAC)
  • Custom nightly data exports
  • Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Integration
  • G-Invoicing

Service Offering Details

Services to support the migration of the customer agency's financial management processes and data onto the standard solution.

Oracle Federal Financials (OFF) Implementation Services

Provide new OFF client project planning, implementation services, requirements analysis, data integration and accounting system interface.

Project Management and System Implementation Services

Handle cradle to grave activities including project planning, requirements gathering, organizational change management, business blueprinting, system design and configuration, risk management, etc.

Services to host customers on a financial system that complies with the federal financial management system requirements and is capable of recording and reporting financial management transactions.

Oracle Federal Financials (OFF) Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Services

Provide operations/technical/maintenance support to Oracle Federal Financials for processes to federal agencies. Process master vendor tables(s). Support 1099 reporting and Treasury's Do Not Pay program.

 Oracle Federal Financials

Provide operations, production control, and technical support for clients of Oracle® Federal Financials (OFF), a Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) financial management solution. Using "off the shelf" functionality as a baseline, the IBC implements and maintains a pre-configured version of Oracle® Federal Financials that incorporates processes common to most federal agencies. The application is hosted in a shared environment.

Services to process payments, receivables, collections, and intra-governmental transactions. Activities also include establishing budget setup and maintenance services, as well as general ledger accounting, financial statement, reporting, and audit support.

Payments Processing

Accounting Operations – Commercial Payments

Offer vendor payment processing in the client financial system in accordance with the client requirements and the federal regulations. Includes payment audits, vendor questions, payment certifications.

Accounting Operations – Other Payments (IPAC and Grants)

Record IPAC transactions for federal disbursement processing in client financial system. Offer other payment processing in the client financial system in accordance with the client requirements and the federal regulations.

Accounting Operations – TDY Travel Payments

Temporary Duty (TDY) Travel Payment. Offer travel payment processing for temporary duty (domestic and foreign) in client agencies financial system in accordance with the client requirements and the federal regulations.

Accounting Operations – PCS Travel Payments

Offer vendor payment processing in the client financial system for transactions involved in the permanent change of duty station for client personnel in accordance with the client requirements and the federal regulations.

Charge Card Support

Support the oversight and management of the DOI charge card program. Charge card support services include migration planning, account maintenance, coordination with GSA SmartPay program and training.

Receivables and Collections Processing

Accounting Operations – Billings and Collections

Bill and collect for all transactions for debt due the government in the client financial system in accordance with the client's requirements and the federal regulations from both the government and from the public.

General Ledger Accounting, Financial Statements, and Compliance Support

Accounting Operations – General Accounting

Prepare and analyze the client's agency financial statements, footnotes, and other required statements and information in accordance with the client's requirements and the federal regulations. Serve as audit liaison.

Additional services to support financial management activities.

Accounting Operations – Process Automation Branch

Provide various process automation solutions to customers to make processes more efficient and cost effective on behalf of client organization.

Quarters Management

Determine rental rates for owned and leased civilian housing. Rates are established in compliance with OMB Circular A-45. Rates are determined through the Internet Quarters Management Information System (iQMIS).

Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) Support

Monitor contract performance; evaluate work as it progresses; exercise technical direction within the scope of the contract; inspect and accept, etc. 

eTravel Implementations

Support system implementation for eTravel systems: Carlson Wagonlit e2 and Concur Government Edition. Implementation includes project planning and management, requirements definition, fit gap analysis, and system changes to meet customer needs.

eTravel Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

Support O&M including system access monitoring; system administration and configuration; upgrade testing; training; and level 1 and 2 help desk support. 

Incurred Cost Services

Support indirect cost services including the review, negotiation, and approval (or countersigning) of indirect rate agreements for non-federal entities.

Incurred Cost Audits

Perform incurred cost review (ICR) audits to non-DoD Federal agencies. ICR will examine the contractor’s cost representations and express an opinion as to whether such incurred costs are reasonable, applicable to the contract, determined under generally accepted accounting principles and cost accounting standards applicable under the circumstances, and not prohibited by the contract, or by previous agreement with, or decision of, the contracting officer.

Cost Transparency

Description of the FSSP's ability to provide a transparent cost model and/or bill to all Customers
Full Cost Recovery Operations and the IBC Dollar - IBC Brochure

Performance Report

Key performance indicators that are tracked by the FSSPs
Document IBC performance metrics (16.13 KB)

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Service Catalog

Listing of FSSP financial management services
Financial Management Services


Listing of FSSP existing financial management customers
Document IBC customers (10.14 KB)


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