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Pegasys Financial Services (PFS)

Financial Management Systems Platform

Financial applications used to provide hosting, processing, and reporting services
  • Momentum Financials v8.1

  • G-invoicing
  • Invoice Processing Platform (IPP)
  • Treasury ITS

Service Offering Details

Services to support the migration of the customer agency's financial management processes and data onto the standard solution.

Financial Management Implementation Support Services

Support the migration of customer agency's financial process and data. Services include Requirements Analysis, Systems Configuration, Data Migration Conversion, Integration/Interface to Business Systems, Testing, Training, and Documentation.

Services to host customers on a financial system that complies with the federal financial management system requirements and is capable of recording and reporting financial management transactions.

Hosting and Support Services

PFS offers a Momentum-based core financial system. PFS allows users to record financial planning and purchasing events, as well as accounts payable, accounts receivable, disbursements and budgeting activities.

PFS's Hosting and Support services include system technical support, help desk / customer service, client request and ticketing systems, robotics process automation services, incident and performance monitoring.

Services to process payments, receivables, collections, and intra-governmental transactions. Activities also include establishing budget setup and maintenance services, as well as general ledger accounting, financial statement, reporting, and audit support.

Payments Processing

Administrative Payment Services

Provide Administrative Payment Services for centralized services, accounts payable and Intra-Governmental Payment and Collections, and payment validation and processing.

Receivables and Collections Processing

General Accounting - Accounts Receivable Billing and Collection

Provide general accounting services for accounts receivable billing and collections.

Intra-governmental Transactions Processing

General Accounting - Reimbursable Agreements

Provide general accounting services for reimbursable agreements.

Budget Setup and Maintenance

Budget Planning and Execution

Provide OMB MAX support to agencies during federal budget planning and execution process.

General Ledger Accounting, Financial Statements, and Compliance Support

General Accounting, Reporting and Analysis, and Audit Support Services

Provide general accounting services for fixed assets and capitalization and project cost accounting. GSA PFS also offers reporting and analysis services for financial reporting, cash operations, and reconciliations, as well as audit support services. Data Act Reporting on files A, B and C is provided for Executive Agencies.

Additional services to support financial management activities.

Data Act Reporting

Provide monthly upload of Super Master Account File and output of DAIMS Files A, B, and C from the monthly financial obligation transactions.

Cost Transparency

Description of the FSSP's ability to provide a transparent cost model and/or bill to all Customers

PFS costing is based on the percentage of client transactions over total transactions for both systems and services. Additional services such as 1st and 2nd quarter financials or creation of special or adhoc reports are charged as separate fees on annual agreements.

Performance Report

Key performance indicators that are tracked by the FSSPs

Core Financial System Application Availability: Available 24/7 except during scheduled maintenance period - 99%

System Security Scans: The number of scans of servers, on which the core financial management applications are hosted, conducted during the reporting month - 1 per month.

Invoice Payments Invoices scheduled for payment within 5 working days of receipt - 97% on time.

Service Catalog

Listing of FSSP financial management services
  • Administrative Payment Services
  • General Accounting Services
  • Reporting and Analysis Services
  • Audit Support Services
  • Financial Management Systems Sustainment
  • Hosting and Support


Listing of FSSP existing financial management customers
PFS Customers


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