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The Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Standards (SFFAS) No. 31, Accounting for Fiduciary Activities defines a fiduciary activity as “activity a federal entity collects or receives and subsequently manages, protects, accounts for, invests, and/or disposes of cash or other assets in which non-federal individuals or entities (or “non-federal parties”) have an ownership interest that the federal government must uphold. Non-federal parties must have an ownership interest in cash or other assets held by the federal entity under provision of law, regulation, or other fiduciary arrangement. The ownership interest must be enforceable against the federal government. Judicial remedies must be available for the breach of the fiduciary obligation.” Treasury Account Symbols that are designated as fiduciary, per SFFAS No. 31, should be reported as non-federal. Please note that most fiduciary funds are Deposit Funds.