"Reschedule" is an Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development term for the extinguishing of debt owed under all or part of existing credits and the creation of a new and separate credit or credits, which normally in the aggregate are of volume equal to the amount of the total debt being extinguished. Rescheduling normally is done in connection with facilitating repayment, although it is not required. Multiple rescheduling occurs whenever debt owed under all or part of more than one existing credit is extinguished under a single rescheduling action, whether or not a single new credit results. "Reschedule" is also a Paris Club term for a form of debt reorganization in which scheduled debt service payments falling due in a specific interval are consolidated, resulting in a new credit with a new payment schedule. Rescheduled also refers to modifying existing terms and conditions to facilitate repayment of a debt, which includes establishing new terms as a result of changes in authorizing legislation. Rescheduling is also called restructuring, refinancing, and reamortizing. Rescheduled debts are not considered delinquent unless the debtor fails to pay under the rescheduled terms.