Standard Form 133: Report on Budget Execution and Budgetary Resources (SF-133)

The SF 133 Report on Budget Execution and Budgetary Resources:
・Fulfills the requirement in 31 U.S.C. 1511–1514 that the President review Federal expenditures at least four times a year.
・Fulfills the requirement in 31 U.S.C. 1554 to report on unliquidated obligations, unobligated balances, canceled balances, and adjustments made to appropriation accounts during the completed fiscal year.
・Allows the monitoring of the status of funds that were apportioned on the SF-132 Apportionment and Reapportionment Schedule and funds that were not apportioned.
・Provides a consistent presentation of information across programs within each agency, and across agencies, which helps program, budget, and accounting staffs to communicate.
・Provides historical reference that can be used to help prepare the President’s Budget, program operating plans, and spend-out rate estimates.
・Provides a basis to determine obligation patterns when programs are required to operate under a continuing resolution.
・Ties an agency’s financial statements to its budget execution. The compilation of an agency’s SF-133s should generally agree with an agency's Statement of Budgetary Resources.