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Chapter 2100 Fiscal Service Data Registry

Fiscal Service Data Registry


This chapter provides information on the Bureau of the Fiscal Service (Fiscal Service) data registry, titled the "Fiscal Service Data Registry." The data registry promotes the common identification, use, and appropriate sharing of financial data across the federal government.

Section 2110 — Scope and Applicability

The purpose of the data registry is for agencies to better understand the context for the data they provide to Fiscal Service, as well as allow consumers to better understand the data.

The data registry strives to serve as the authoritative source for data definitions and properties for Fiscal Service data elements and other data elements processed through Fiscal Service systems. The data registry may contain data elements for central reporting, transactional processing, and budget as well as enterprise reporting.

Section 2115 — Standardization

Fiscal Service prioritizes efforts to increase standardization in its systems to reduce costs to customers who submit data, as well as to ensure reusability and interoperability for consumers of Fiscal Service data.

2115.10 — Fiscal Service Data Registry

The Fiscal Service Data Registry identifies data definitions, data properties, relationships, value domains, business rules, and other metadata for data elements.

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