Agency Operations

These are the activities that federal entities engage in in order to accomplish their mission.

Property Management

Property management requires properly recording the financial asset type, category, value, and adjustments from depreciation and impairment. This also includes leasing, inventory, and software.

Procurement Management

The activities that federal entities engage in to acquire goods and services. There are two ways that purchases can be made, through the acquisition process and with charge cards.

Interagency Agreements

Managing interagency agreements involves maintaining customer relationships, agreements, and unfilled customer order information.

Grants Management

Grants management includes all matters that relate to grants from recording grant requests to auditing grant payments. Payment information must also be captured and follow the 2014 DATA Act reporting guidance.

Payroll Management

Proper payroll management involves recording all payroll payments generated by payroll service. This also includes reconciling payroll information with financial management information and recording adjustments.

Travel Management

Guidance for travel management varies depending on the payment processing. For example, travel temporary duty, local payments, and travel PCS payments all have different guidance.

Agency Operations