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Monthly Reporting

Monthly reporting ensures the Governmentwide Treasury Account Symbol Adjusted Trial Balance (GTAS) data provided to external stakeholders, including Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and Congress, is accurate and supports an efficient quarterly certification process. Below are some of the specific benefits associated with monthly GTAS reporting.

Allows Treasury to perform month to month analysis of federal entity data, which helps Fiscal Service alleviate potential open audit findings related to the Financial Report.

Enables Treasury to identify and address reporting issues earlier in the fiscal year, alleviating the year end reporting burden.

Supports OMB budget submission requirements and the associated deadlines to Congress.

Provides feedback to federal entities on how to be more accurate and efficient when loading data since the monthly reporting process allows them to learn from reporting issues in previous reporting periods.

Reporting Requirements

To comply with the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act), federal agencies must provide certain budgetary, procurement, and financial assistance data to USAspending.gov. This section provides guidance on how to accurately report the required data through the DATA Act Broker Submission (DABS), and the Financial Assistance Broker Submission (FABS). Additionally, fiscal agents and depositaries should use The Bank Management Service (BMS) to report expenses incurred while providing authorized services to Fiscal Service for review and compensation.

Foreign Reporting Requirements

This section defines the reporting requirements for government entities as they relate to the purchase of foreign currency and non-purchase foreign currency accounts.

Treasury Nonoperating Cash Items

This section provides instructions to the Treasury offices for the accounting and reporting of noncash assets such as coins and coinage metals held by the U.S. Mint and gold bullion, certificates, or coins held by the Federal Reserve Banks.

Federal Trading Partner Codes for GTAS

This section provide Financial Reporting Entity (FR Entity) Codes used for GTAS reporting.

Document View Federal Trading Partner Codes for GTAS (232.35 KB)

Determination of a Consolidation Entity, a Disclosure Entity, or a Related Party for GTAS

This section contains the Consolidation Entity, a Disclosure Entity, or a Related Party determinations for GTAS.

Document View Determination of a Consolidation Entity, a Disclosure Entity, or a Related Party for GTAS (311.55 KB)